My blog posts are generally frivolous, fun and full of happy images.

The nature of my job means I spend my time working with brilliant, easy going, fun people.  My days involve a lot of time playing around with social media, looking at nice photos, sharing funny ideas, posting what I have been up to – like most people in the wedding industry.

I am not politically aware, nor do I always keep up to date with world events.  I had obviously heard about the massacre in Syria and tried not to think about it or want to know what happened.  I tried really hard to ignore it and go back to my happy life.  Why would I want to read something that I knew was going break my heart and haunt me?

Last night my newsfeed on Twitter was full of  the #tippingpoint hashtag – I clicked on and read several blog posts and spent over an hour crying. 

Last Friday, 49 children were killed in Houla by President Assad’s Shabiha men. In the most horrific ways.  Children bound, shot and executed while their families were forced to watch, limbs and heads chopped off with machetes, babies asleep in their beds.  Rapes, mutilation, horror.

108 innocent civilians were murdered – 49 of them were children, 34 were women.

This was one o’clock this morning. I have two gorgeous boys and I crept into their beds and cuddled them.  We take so much for granted.

Hundreds of thousands have united in protest – sharing their blogs and tweets.  If you are like me and were avoiding reading too much about what happened, then please read about it.  You can also help to make a difference, however small, by doing one or all of the following.

  • Sign petitions from Save The Children, Avaaz and Amnesty.
  • Blog,tweet and share.
  • You can RT tweets you see that use the hashtags #tippingpoint #syria #stopthekilling
  • Read more about the politics  about the massacre in Houla, Syria here.
  • On June 10th You can join the protest of mothers, parents, grandparents and children in London.


15:11 2 June 2012

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