The British Wedding Awards 2015

British Wedding Awards 2015

Hello lovelies.  Hope you are all raring to go this sunny Monday morning (it’s glorious in Derbyshire anyway).

Awards season is upon us all again and this year Darby & Joan have entered The British Wedding Awards 2015, hosted in association with Wedding Ideas Magazine.



British Wedding Awards 2015





There are 12 categories and we are in the Special Touch category.

If you would like to spare a minute and vote for us it would be amazing and very much appreciated – simply follow the link below.  As a treat, you will be automatically entered into a prize draw to win a weekend for two at a National Trust property – nice!

Thank you!  Karen xx



11:38 10 November 2014

Finding your own wedding style

Festoon lighting, vintage tableware and china, beautiful old furniture and a lot of style


Finding your wedding style can be difficult, sometimes you can be overwhelmed with ideas or a little stuck for inspiration. Planning a wedding is often a very alien experience, so how do you know where to start?   Today we share a few tips, pointers and questions to ask yourself to help find your wedding style and spark that all important inspiration.


1. Brainstorm

Finding your wedding style


To help find your wedding style, start by asking yourself a few questions and throw some words out there to get inspired. Queue the big notebook and pen and get scribbling…

  • Vintage, Rustic, Retro, Elegant, Fun, Party, Relaxed, Formal, Glamourous, Sparkle, Industrial, Modern, Colouful, Cosy?
  • Three words to sum up the mood…
  • What are your favourite colours?
  • What are the favourite places you’ve visited?
  • Big, medium or intimate?
  • What’s your favourite Season or time of year?
  • Where and when did you first meet/anniversary?
  • Indoors or Outdoors?
  • Home or Away?
  • Fancy some DIY?
  • Do you have a favourite Era?


Top Tip
How about doing your lists separately first and then compare your answers? Hopefully you’ll see some similarities in which you can build on and create your perfect wedding style together.


2. Pinterest

Finding your wedding style


Oh Pinterest you beauty. An absolute feast of inspiration for every aspect of life but none more so than weddings! It’s a fabulous place to collate all your ideas and inspiration in one place. Create different boards for the different aspects of your wedding. Yummy Cakes. Beautiful Dresses. Venue Ideas. Decoration and Flowers. The list goes on…


Top Tip
At the beginning it can be very easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer amount of inspiration and ideas, so much so you can feel as though you’re planning 6 different weddings. You’ll hopefully see similar images emerge and little details that keep cropping up and once you see them, run with it and you’ll start to see a beautiful theme shine through.


3. You

finding your wedding style

It’s true that weddings are an extension of you as a couple, so your wedding style could be right underneath your noses, or maybe in the experiences you’ve shared together. Think about past holiday destinations, what you enjoy doing in your spare time, films and music tastes and even your home. Your home says a lot about you, the colours, the decor all the little knick naks, so take a little look around and you might get a spark of inspiration.

Top Tip
Don’t be afraid about being different, or thinking you need to stick to 1 idea, it’s your big day! If you fancy an outdoor, vintage tea party with a rock and roll band inspired by the colours of your favourite holiday destination… go for it.  Weddings are a celebration you as a couple, and even if you find it hard to find your ‘theme’ and don’t worry, you’ll naturally create your own – A perfect mix of everything you love and your personalities will shine through!


Find your wedding style

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10:57 23 October 2014

Design your own drinks station


Hello everyone!

What qualifies me to write a blog post about a drinks station at your wedding?

I style weddings, we advise our clients’ about their drinks and we serve them, we have loads of props and useful accessories you can hire to use and I am quite partial to a cocktail or two myself.  So this post is a dream to write !


Drinks Station Boards Styling ideas


Most wedding venues will encourage you to have a drinks reception after your wedding service and all of the weddings we work on will incorporate one into their timetable.

Consider a cocktail hour?  Pimms is always a huge hit for a summer wedding and this year we have styled several weddings where we have had something for the guys and offered bottles of beer served from a rustic tin bath.   Nowadays a drinks staion concept has become part of the wedding decor as much as a functional item.

If you are hosting your wedding in a formal venue, then there are some basic questions to ask;  Find out about the types of drinks available and the glasses they will be served in.  Can you offer cocktails, wines, prosecco, beer? Iis there a soft drink option.  Do guests help themselves or is there waiter service?  Are these drinks served from a fixed bar or will they set up a separate area for you?  Do the venue provide the necessary glasses, dispensers, jugs, trays or can you supply your own?

Get creative and have a signature drink or cocktail for the wedding.

If your wedding is in a tipi, marquee, barn or you are able to have full creative input into the reception then happy days!  You can really go to town on this.




I love a glass drinks dispenser and we have five you can hire.  Perfect for a cloudy lemonade or a cocktail that can be pre-prepared.  I have used ours for Pimms, Mojitos, Tom Collins and Bellinis.  As well as looking brilliant they allow you to prepare drinks in advance and the glassware keeps them fresh and cool.

We have over 250 jam jars that you can hire and lots of antique glassware if you want to add a flourish of sophistication to your bar.  Hit the car boot sales and collect colourful mismatched tumblers.

Drinks Station Board styling ideas



Paper additions

The paper straw.  Still going strong and still a winner.  There are endless options available to choose from – a solid colour, stripy, spotty, formal – cheap and fun. Check out Esty and Ebay as these are often cheaper than wedding boutiques.

The cocktail napkin.  You could get them personalised.

Drinks stirrers.  Ridiculously easy to make yourself and the possibilities are endless!


Drinks Station Boards ideas



Adding fruit and herbs to the mix will be appreciated by your guests and add a flourish to any glass.  A raspberry, a wedge of lime, a sprig of thyme or lavender.


Drinks Station Boards cocktail ideas



Let your guests know what is on the drinks menu.  Make this fun or formal.  Write a drinks list or board or you can use smaller boards such as “please take one” or “help yourself’ or hung by ribbons around your dispensers.


Drinks Station Boards Glasses and Fruit Styling



We have tall milk churns that you be used as table legs with a plank of wood on top, think about old furniture, crates, tin baths… Once the main props are set up you can accessorise with signage and flowers.  It is often the smallest of touches can make a big impact.  Our props are all seen in use in our gallery page here to give you some ideas.


Drinks Station Boards drinks dispensers


If you have staff to serve your drinks to your guests, there are lot of tray options you can look at.  We have shallow wooden trays to hire, silver trays and large wooden rustic trays which we have used with great success.


Drinks Station Board - serving ideas

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