Simple & Organic Winter Wedding Styling Ideas

Simple & Organic Winter Styling Ideas | Darby & Joan -

Well hello there lovelies! How are we? Hope you’re not too chilly. Now, I’m not sure how it’s happened but it’s less than a month till Christmas (!) and although I’ve gone into a slight panic about christmas presents I’ve still had  a little time to delve into some yummy winter wedding inspiration. Forget the bells and whistles, today’s blog post is all about keeping it simple. A neutral and natural colour palette of greens, whites and greys teamed with lots of organic textures and candles a plenty. Whether you’re planning for a winter wedding or in need of a few ideas for Christmas table this year, I hope you can find a sparkle of inspiration.


Mirlah xox

1. Winter Wedding Table Decor

It’s only right that a delicious feast should be accompanied with equally delicious decor and the best thing is with this style just a few details can get your table looking beautiful. The easiest way to achieve a natural tablescape is by adding some foliage. Eucalyptus, rosemary or even snippets of a christmas tree are all great and will add a gorgeous scent to the room too. Linen napkins and table runners add a little texture, go for crisp white or a light grey and load up on candles to add a soft glow.
Simple & Organic Winter Wedding Styling Ideas - Tablescapes | Darby & Joan -

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2. Winter Wedding Candles & Lighting

The dark nights of winter are the perfect opportunity to create a cosy and twinkly wonderland. Think about mixing different materials together – a mix of glass votives, wooden and brass candle sticks and pillar candles are perfect for creating a natural look. Add more greenery and fairy lights, (the more the better) and when the lights go down there’ll be the most gorgeous glow.

Simple & Organic Winter Wedding Styling Ideas - Candles & Lighting | Darby & Joan -

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3. Winter Wedding Finishing Touches

Although this style is fairly fuss free there’s still some room for those finishing touches and details. Mistletoe is a must for a winter wedding and big bunches are widely available and really affordable. Chalkboard signage is also a nice touch too add – love quotes, christmas carol lyrics or a simple Merry Christmas would be perfect. Thinking of giving favours? How about some stylish christmas crackers or homemade mine pies or christmas cookies as a treat? I absolutely love the hanging advent calendar it’d be fabulous as an escort card style table plan. you could even pop a little chocolate in each pocket.

Simple & Organic Winter Wedding Styling Ideas - Finishing Details | Darby & Joan -

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So there we have it, some simple and organic inspired ideas for your winter wedding or Christmas table. I hope it’s got you in the mood and feeling christmassy. What do you think, is simple and fuss free up your street or are you into a more red and green kinda style? Come and let us know on Facebook.

14:12 27 November 2015

Pretty Pumpkins Ideas for an Autumn/Halloween Wedding


Hello D&J’ers hope you’re all well! The clocks have gone back, the nights are drawing in and everyone’s heads are turning to the ‘C word’ but not before the wonder that is Autumn. Orange and red hues, bonfires and snuggly scarfs, this is a magical time of year and here to kickstart it all off, the first of the holidays, Halloween! I’ve seen so many fantastic pumpkin DIYs lately that I thought I’d do a little round up on how to incorporate them into your wedding day, halloween party or home decor. We’re talking more stylish than scary here though… think gold painted pumpkins, stunning centrepieces and quirky DIYs.


Mirlah xox

1. Signage & Stationery

It’s time to get crafty. Whether its a simple sign to welcome your guests to the wedding reception, an escort style table plan or mini pumpkins place settings, pumpkins are just crying out for a little DIY time! Spray paint, stencils, glitter? Whatever you choose theres no denying those mini white pumpkins are seriously cute. You could always crack out a little paint to get a similar effect as white pumpkins can be hard to get hold of.

Pretty Pumpkins Ideas for an Autumn/Halloween Wedding - Signage & Stationery | Darby & Joan -

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2. Centrepieces & Flowers

I think pumpkin flower centrepieces are my new obsession! That succulent one top left is just so beautiful I’d want it out all year round. Chat with your florist to see if you can achieve this look with your chosen flowers or if you’re throwing an Autumn get together, why not try your hand at some DIY with some seasonal flowers, moss and berries?

pumpkin-wedding-ideas-Pretty Pumpkins Ideas for an Autumn/Halloween Wedding - Flowers & Centrepieces| Darby & Joan -

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 3. Details & Decor

It’s all in the detail and pumpkins are ready and waiting to add some autumnal touches your wedding or party. Simply dot them around your venue among candles, use them to add height to your display or even create a pumpkin guest book. As the weather turns colder we all love a little comfort food, so you could think about adding some seasonal choices to the menu and some quirky ways to serve it to your guests. Those mini pumpkin soups would be a real talking point and they look so inviting.

Pretty Pumpkins Ideas for an Autumn/Halloween Wedding - Details & Decor | Darby & Joan -

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So there we have it, who knew pumpkins were so versatile and pretty? Whether you pick just one idea or decide to go the whole hog with a pumpkin themed do, I hope I’ve inspired you to get a little creative this Autumn. Have a Happy Halloween!

21:44 30 October 2015

How to Host Your Very Own Great Wedding Bake Off

How to Host Your Very Own Wedding Bake Off! Ready Steady Bake - Wedding Cake Off Ideas | Darby & Joan Vintage (Image by Babb Photo)

Hello Lovelies! I hope everyone is fine and dandy! Today’s post is all about one of my favourite subjects ever… CAKE! And in particular the Do It Yourself variety! Wedding Bake Offs aren’t new but the idea of getting your guests involved and serving up delicious treats for dessert is certainly not going anywhere fast. Whether you choose to have a traditional ‘main’ wedding cake as well or you want to cut down on the old wedding budget by doing a spot of BIY – Bake It Your Self. Wedding Bake Offs or Cake Offs are such a fun idea.

So with out further a do grab a cuppa and read our top tips to hosting your very own Great Wedding Bake Off!

Ready, Steady, Bake

Mirlah xox

The Perfect Recipe for a Wedding Bake Off!

1. Spread the Word

Once you’ve decided a Bake Off is the way to go you need to decide who’s going to be involved. Maybe you want to ask a few specific guests and family members or get everyone involved? Your Wedding Invitation or separate information card is the perfect way to let everyone the details of the Bake Off. Give them some guidelines or even throw in some recipe inspiration and be sure to let them know of any logistical information to make the Bake Off run smoothly!

2. Add a Dash of Decor

At your venue create a dedicated cake area to display all the cakes and treats. A simple trestle table with some vintage table cloths and pastel bunting gives the perfect bake off tent look! Source some pretty notecards and pens so that your guests can write their name and a description of their creations next to their cake and why not add a selection of cake flags and toppers for your bakers to finish off their cakes?

3. Mix in some healthy competition

You may be surprised how competitive your guests get once all the cakes arrive in all their glory but there’s nothing wrong with a bit of healthy competition. Think about if and how you’ll judge all the creations. Will it be up to the Bride & Groom, will people have to cast their vote? Here are a few ideas for the categories!

– Best Looking

– Best Tasting

– The Most Creative

– The Most Thoughtful

– The ‘We won’t tell anyone you bought it’

4. Sprinkle with Prizes

Reward all that creative talent with a little well done gift. Whether it’s a golden wooden spoon (get your spray paint out), a rosette, a bake off champ pinny or a little bottle of something, giving out prizes is a great way to round off the Bake Off!

5. Serve Up a Feast

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for! Those cakes will have been teasing guests since the moment they saw them! It’s time to serve up a cake filled feast! Ask your caterer if they can cut up the cakes and serve a yummy platter to each table or simply ask your guests to help themselves. It’d be a great idea to provide takeaway boxes too for those who would like to take a cheeky slice of something home with them.

How to Host Your Very Own Wedding Bake Off! Ready Steady Bake - Wedding Cake Off Ideas | Darby & Joan Vintage

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So there we have it the perfect recipe for wedding bake off success! Whose hungry? And who will be adding this to their wedding want list! We’d love to hear your thoughts or recipe ideas! Come and chat over on Facebook!

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