Our Italian Inspired styled shoot at Amalfi White with a handpicked fabulous bunch!

Giant Light up Heart by Typical Type

Well, a couple of months has past since we shared the sneaky look behind the scenes of an almighty wedding styled shoot where Karen worked her styling magic and rounded up the weddings troops to make her vision come alive. We had a ball! Literally! I thought to myself how much creativity and talent can you get in one chandelier adorned Ballroom? Answer? A LOT! And it was a real pleasure to work alongside some of the industry’s finest.

Once again we’d like to say a big, huge thank you to everyone who was involved we hope you’re as happy with the final result as we are.

As you may know Karen doesn’t do things by halves and so planned not one but two stunning and different looks. One is a fun, Kate Spade Inspired, striped affair with bold pops of navy and coral. And the other a rustic, glamourous Tuscan Inspired style, where the simplicity just oozed sophistication.  Both looks were drop dead gorgeous, and we had models, dresses, and styling to match.  Team that with a giant light up heart, a Vespa and a Daimler and you’ve got yourself one hell of a shoot!

So.. ladies and gentleman, we can now finally unveil the fruits of our very pretty labour. This has been Karen’s absolute best and favourite shoot to date and I hope you can see why. Emma you are one very talented lady, these images are more beautiful than we could have ever imagined.

A full list of credits to the suppliers involved in this labour of love are at the bottom of these fabulous images. And this is where I shut up and let these gorgeous images do the talking.  We’d love to hear your thoughts, do you have any favourite images? or perhaps a favourite style? Do get in touch.

Lots of Big Heart Love

Mirlah xx


IMG_5512 IMG_5526 IMG_5600 IMG_5611 IMG_5614 IMG_5633 IMG_5652 IMG_5654 IMG_5681IMG_5762IMG_0194Timeless Couture dress


And from sleek Italian sophistication we move effortlessly on to bold statement stripes mixed with navy and coral hues! For a fun, flirty look.

Kate Spade stripe inspired tableIMG_5659 IMG_5671 IMG_5693 IMG_0198IMG_0203IMG_0213IMG_0215IMG_0228IMG_5267 (1)IMG_5313IMG_0226IMG_5390IMG_5309IMG_5434IMG_5477IMG_5803

PHEW!! Breath-taking right? I love this dramatic image above, just look at those blooms!

The Fabulous Suppliers involved!

Photography -Emma Cleveley Photography    |    Facebook: Emma Cleveley Photography
Flowers – Tineke Floral Designs  |  Facebook: Tineke Floral Designs Limited
Car – Dennisson Classic Cars    |  Facebook: Dennisson Classic Cars
Cakes & cookies – Yummy Little Cakes  |  Facebook: Yummy Little Cakes
Dresses & accessories – Timeless Couture |  Facebook: Timeless couture
Shoes -  Rachel Simpson Shoes  |  Facebook: Rachel Simpson Shoes
Hair -  James White  |  Facebook: James White Hairdressing
Make up -  Cristina Lazzarotto  | Facebook: Cristina Lazzarotto Make-up Artist
Venue & food -Amalfi White  Facebook: Amalfi White Bar & Restaurant
Stationery – Best Day Ever  Facebook: Best Day Ever

Big Light Up Heart – Typical Type

Models –  The Valentines plus Sophie |  Facebook: The Valentines

(c) 2014 All Images Copyright of Emma Cleveley Photography


10:40 11 April 2014

Is this you?

Kedleston tea party girls

If you have been following our journey over the last 4 years then you might know that Darby & Joan has grown a lot and we now bear little resemblance to the tiny company that I set up in my kitchen in 2010. Sometimes I do think that I have created a (albeit a rather beautiful) monster!

I am brilliant at saying yes to interesting and creative projects as I am always beyond flattered to be asked and love to get involved with new people and new ideas.

But this means that I have been working ridiculous hours to keep up with all the balls I am juggling and the reason I set up the business was to have a good family / work balance – this has been slowly slipping away.

I have a beautiful team of girls who work with me on events and I can’t thank them enough. In addition, Mirlah has been on board for a whole year (where has that gone?!) and last month Tara joined the motley crew.

If you know me you may have spotted that I am a little bit of control freak but I am learning to LET GO. Baby steps…

Me with my National Venue Stylist Award (and hubbie)

The number of projects and events that we are working on is growing and to help us to continue to give the service that won us the National Award I am thinking that another person may be needed.  I have been ridiculously lucky so far with all the girls who have worked with us, so I am hoping that this luck will continue.

So, do you know a creative, fun and interesting person who may want to join us? It makes sense for them to be Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire based and someone who is looking for work experience in the weddings and events industry.  It goes without saying that our events are mostly held over the weekends.

In addition they would have to have experience in blogging (we use WordPress), have creative flair and be full of energy!

So spread the word and drop me an email.

Karen xx


our girls

Emma Cleveley Photography 

9:00 3 April 2014

Styling your Tipi Wedding | Sami Tipi Wedding Open Day

5mustHaveprops copy

Tipi, Teepee, (TP?) however you fancy spelling it there’s no doubt we are loving them A LOT!

Karen at Darby & Joan is lucky enough to be working with some fab couples this summer who have opted for the fantastic giant hats to house their big day and I know she can’t wait to get her hands on them.

Today’s post we’ve got a spot of inspiration on how to style a tipi for your own wedding or event but if you want to see them in all their glory, why not come and see them for yourself at the Sami Tipi Open Weekend in April? More on that later.

Mirlah x

Transform the space

First things first.  Tipis are massive works of art in themsleves and you can really dress them up as much or as little as you like. Their giant beams are crying out for poms poms, lanterns and good old bunting and a bit of time and effort can really transform the space. We’re a little obsessed with tassel garlands and giant balloons at the moment and they are just perfect for adding fun and more character to the tipis.

When the sun goes down

We always mention lighting in any styling posts and for tipis you’ve really got the chance to create the most amazing atmosphere when the sun goes down. Twinkly fairy lights and candles in jars add a touch of romance; whilst a giant disco ball above the dance floor screams party and celebration!

Having an outdoor wedding, even in the height of summer, it might turn a little nippy in the evening. Whilst the obvious answer is to hit that dance floor and pull some shapes, another great idea is having a big fire pit. They add light, warmth and are perfect for roasting marshmallows as a midnight snack.

Think outside the Tipi

When finding the perfect spot to put your Tipi, chances are you’ll have a lot of space to play with. If it’s a sunshiny day you and your guest will no doubt want to enjoy the weather and mingle outside so it’s a nice idea to create focal points and points of interest dotted in and around the Tipi.

Think ice cream carts, hay bale seating, wedding signs, an arrival drinks display, photo booths, and giant light up letters. Those Tipis are pretty impressive things so don’t be afraid of going big and bold!

How to Style your Tipi Wedding or Event | Moodboard Inspiration

How to Style your Tipi Wedding or Event | Moodboard Inspiration

Moodboards by Best Day Ever

Image Credits: Tipi Fairy Lights - Sami Tipi | Bawdon Lodge Farm | Citronella Candles – Nest of Posies | Table Setting – Dave Mussun Photography via Whimsical Wonderland Weddings | Drinks Dispenser – Nick Radford via Wedding Chicks

BBQ – Thomas the Caterer | Tassel Pom Lanterns – Shop Sweet Lulu Blog | Photo Booth Sign – Mardi Gras | Tipi – Sami Tipi | Hay Bale Seating – Party Bales |Wedding Signs – Angelica Peady Photography via off beat bride | Tassel Gardland by Pom Pom Studio image by Best Day Ever


So there’s just a few things to think about when styling your tipi but if you fancy seeing exactly what you can do with these fabulous structures we know where you should go. Put this date in your diary folks!

Sami Tipi Wedding Open Day at Bawdon Lodge Farm

It’s going to be a fab two day Tipi extravaganza with so many fab wedding suppliers involved. We’ll be there styling the tipis along with flowers from Tineke. And we’ve got not one but two different styles to show you.

To find out more about the event and to register for your free tickets just click here 

You can also follow all the great suppliers on Facebook to keep up to date with event information.

Sami Tipi

Benessamy Wedding & Events

Tineke Floral Designs

Matt Brown Photography

Yummy Little Cakes

Pom Pom Studio

Bawdon Lodge Farm

Thomas The Caterer

Best Day Ever

& many many more – hope to see you there!


12:40 26 March 2014

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