Getting Started on Pinterest


Pinterest is full of gorgeous images, inspirations and ideas. I would say that 90% of our clients regularly use it and it is one of those things that you happily live without, until you start to use it – then think “ how did I live without this!?”.

It is a powerful source of social media and is used so much in the wedding industry, here’s some tips on how to get started and make the most out of Pinterest when planning your big day.


Darby and Joan on Pinterest - Wedding Inspiration


I always always ask if a client is aware of it at our initial consultation as it is such a useful tool for me as a wedding stylist, but also it is invaluable for me to encourage our clients to use too as we can keep in touch with ideas.

I am no expert but I do use it daily and this post will hopefully give you a beginner’s guide on how Pinterest can really help to plan and visualise your wedding.

What is it?

Basically it is a website that acts like an on-line scrapbook that allows users to look for images and to categorise them on different pin boards. It works in a similar way to Facebook and Twitter as you can follow people and look at what they are pinning, and re-pin their images. Another reason it is so useful is that many of the photographs are linked to websites, forums, on-line retailers so you can buy the things you have seen.

How do I join?

Type in Pinterest in your browser and sign up to create your account. You can either do this via Facebook or by using your email address. There is a waiting list to join as it is so popular, but if you can find an existing member they can send you an invitation to join. When I requested my account it only took a couple of days to be verified.

How do I start pinning?

A good starting point is to create several boards around the areas you want to plan. Putting similar images together just makes it easier to keep track of what you have pinned and you can also see a theme developing if you repeatedly choose images with a similar style.

You could look at creating a board for the following: Accessories (shoes, veils, jewellery), Hair & Makeup, Wedding Cakes, Flowers, DIY ideas, Bridesmaids, Colour Palettes.

You can pin an image to more than one of your boards so if you have a gold and cream wedding cake image that you have pinned to your “Cakes” board, you can also pin it to your “Gold Theming Ideas” board.


Wedding cakes on Pinterest - Wedding Inspiration

Who do I follow?

It is worth following the wedding experts to see what they are looking at for inspiration. One of the most popular to follow is Style Me Pretty on Pinterest who have hundreds of thousands of followers and a hundred boards to look through. Another favourite of mine is 100 Layer Cake on Pinterest and Rock My Wedding on Pinterest always have beautiful images to share.


Rocky my Wedding on Pinterest - Wedding Inspiration


When following someone, you can follow all of their boards or just choose the ones that are relevant to you.

We have 139 boards of ideas (wow, it didn’t take long to gather those together!), you can see our account here – Darby and Joan on Pinterest.

You’ll find that when you click on an image, it shows where it originated from and you have the option then of clicking through to that person’s board.. You can then choose to follow others who have also pinned that same image as you.

And so it goes on…

How do I pin?

Simply click on a picture that you like and then click on the red “Pin It” button, you can then choose which of your boards to pin it to. Easy.

You can also “like” pins and these will be stored in a separate board for you automatically, ours is above. If you are wanting to create a board and not share it with anyone then you can store up to three secret boards that only you can see.


Why should I use it and do I need it?

As touched upon before, for me it is so useful as I can follow all the boards that my clients’ have put together and I can get a really good idea of what they are looking to create. Likewise, they can see our style, the boards that we are drawn to putting together and it does help to get the creative juices flowing and to understand what we are all looking to achieve with the day.
Clients will often set up a board and invite me to pin to it – so if I come across images that I think they will like I can pop it on their board for them to look at. You can also make comments on your own pins and invite others to comment on yours.

I use it daily for inspiration. For ideas, to create a shared board with other suppliers for a photo shoot, to create style boards for clients, to put together recipes, fashion ideas, home projects, craft stuff for the kids – the list is endless. You will probably find that you easily and quickly build up your boards as you pick up ideas from other users. Sadly my real wardrobe doesn’t quite match my virtual Pinterest wardrobe yet, but I’m working on it!


It’s a good tool to use for your bridesmaids too. Many brides now are offering their girlfriends the choice of their dresses, so why not set up a group board that you and all your bridesmaids to be can pin to.

You can “tag” people like you can on Twitter and Facebook too. If you wanted someone in your wedding party to see a particular pin, then use the @ symbol and their username to flag the image for them.

Pinterest is also a mobile app which makes it ridiculously useful for when you meet with prospective wedding suppliers. For example, if you have a wedding dress board you can show the dressmaker your pins so she can get a clear idea of what you are looking for and the day you are wishing for.

You can also add YouTube videos which can be fun if you wanted to save video footage of a venue or maybe a catwalk show of your favourite wedding dresses.

And finally!

Use with caution – it is all too easy to become addicted! I can easily spend a couple of hours browsing and dreaming!

Most of all, enjoy it and we’d love to hear from new users about how they find it and if they have any tips they can share.

Karen x

10:39 8 February 2016

Sami Tipi Spring Open Weekend

Hello everyone – today we are talking Tipis.  We LOVE a tipi wedding and have featured them a lot over the last three years.

They are such versatile and wonderful event space – chose one single hat for a small gathering or go for broke and create the ultimate wedding space – link in three hats with a chill out tent and you have enough space for a few football teams!  Pull up the sides to let the outside in and see how they can create a truly unique space.

They are pretty breathtaking as they are and are such an big blank canvas to add your personal stamp to, but turning these hats into a beautiful wedding can be quite daunting  – where to start!  Retro or country chic?  Rustic or Scandinavian?   Vintage or festival? Nautical or monochrome?   

We regularly work alongside the lovely folk at Sami Tipi and you can see some of our weddings we have styled and caterered for under their big hats here  – Mark and Chris / Bec and Matt.

Here you can see their launch weekend that we styled in 2014 – where has that time gone?!

We pulled together some ace suppliers to help us to set and and style the open weekend back in April 2015 and here are there the results.  I hope you like what we did!

Huge thanks a million times over to all the suppliers who worked with us on this project and for all your input, time and talent.


Karen xx

























Photography – Matt Brown Photography
Tipis – Sami Tipi
Venue – Bawdon Lodge Farm
Styling, concept, tableware and props – Darby & Joan Ltd
Flowers – Tineke Floral Designs Limited
Catering – Thomas The Caterer
Light up big letters – Doris Loves
Small table top light up letters – The White Bulb
Wedding Planner – Benessamy Weddings & Events
Cakes for peach tipi – The Organic Wedding Cake Company – Nottingham
Cakes for balloon tipi – Green Kitchen Cakes
Staionery – Best Day Ever
Videography – Lara Elliott
Paper lanters – The Hanging Lantern Company
Helium balloons – Bubblegum Balloons
Vintage caravan – Clementine the Cream Tea Caravan
Photobooth caravan – Vintage Caravan Photo Booth
Wooden signage and tags – @benaberry
Evening photography – Christopher Terry Photography

Natural flower petal confetti and favours Natural Favours




19:10 19 January 2016

Gold vs. Silver – Winter Wedding Inspiration

GOLD vs SILVER Winter Wedding Inspiration | Darby & Joan Vintage

Hello lovelies.   A good while ago you may remember I did a post all about Spots vs. Stripes, this time round it’s the battle of the metallics! That’s right it’s Gold vs. Silver – Shimmer Vs. Sparkle both utterly gorgeous in their own right and both equally as stunning for a winter wedding. In today’s post we take a look at all the key details of a wedding day and give you a good dose of wedding inspiration for your big day. So without further ado… let the games begin… which are you? #team GOLD or #teamSILVER


Mirlah xox

Gold vs. Silver – The Wedding Dress

Well, this is an interesting one, if you’d asked me the question without seeing any pictures I would have hands down gone for an all sparking and shimmering, gold sequin number but I think this time #teamSILVER is winning, there’s just something so elegant about silver beading that adds a timeless Gatsby edge. That said gold and glamourous is also beautiful and works well with earthy tones and rustic decor.

#teamGOLD {0} #teamSILVER {1}

THE DRESS - GOLD vs SILVER Winter Wedding Inspiration | Darby & Joan Vintage

Image Credits: Gold: 1  . 2  . 3 | Silver: 1  . 2  . 3

Gold vs. Silver – The Wedding Accessories

Gold or Silver, let’s face it we don’t need an excuse to go shoe shopping but I think for me that #teamGOLD has pipped silver to the post in the accessories round. Maybe its because I tend to wear more gold or the fact I’m head over heels in love with that gold star veil (!) but either way as beautiful as the silver accessories are (those shoes!) gold is little more subtle which gets my vote. How about you?

#teamGOLD {1} #teamSILVER {1}

THE ACCESSORIES - GOLD vs SILVER Winter Wedding Inspiration | Darby & Joan Vintage

Image Credits: Gold: 1  . 2  . 3 | Silver: 1  . 2  . 3

Gold vs. Silver – The Wedding Flowers

Gold and Silver flowers you say? I’m totally undecided here. On one hand, I love the statement that spray painted pinecones and ferns make in a leafy bouquet (that bottom left!!) but on the other, I adore the simplicity of the silver bouquet which simply uses grey foliage to add a silver effect. Ok… #teamSILVER it is, as much I’m a ‘succa’ for a succulent and spray paint, the classic beauty of the silver wedding bouquet is pretty perfect for a winter wedding.

#teamGOLD {1} #teamSILVER {2}

THE FLOWERS - GOLD vs SILVER Winter Wedding Inspiration | Darby & Joan Vintage
Image Credits: Gold: 1  . 2  . 3 | Silver: 1  . 2  . 3

Gold vs. Silver – The Wedding Cake

Mmm cake! These days it’s just as important to have your wedding cake looking jaw-droopingly gorgeous as well as tasting delicious and these metallic beauties are all kinds of wonderful. So, what will it be silver or gold? For me personally, I think in this round gold has this one in the bag. That glitter effect (!) although it looks stunning in silver I do have a bit of a soft spot for gold glitter… and that shiny gold drip cakes is just oozing so much gorgeousness it’s ridiculous! Hurrah for #teamGOLD!

#teamGOLD {2} #teamSILVER {2}

THE CAKE - GOLD vs SILVER Winter Wedding Inspiration | Darby & Joan Vintage

Image Credits: Gold: 1  . 2  . 3 | Silver: 1  . 2  . 3

Gold vs. Silver  – The Wedding Details

So here we are, the final round and it’s all about those extra special finishing touches. This was a tough one as I’m totally crushing on mercury glass at the moment and those tea light holders are quite something! But I’m just going to put it out there and crown #teamGOLD the details winner. I think it feels little less bling and more understated, especially if you paired it with rustic wood and other raw materials. I do love the modern look of the silver sequin table cloths though, they would look pretty fab in a sun drenched wedding venue.

#teamGOLD {3} #teamSILVER {2}

THE DETAILS - GOLD vs SILVER Winter Wedding Inspiration | Darby & Joan Vintage

Image Credits: Gold: 1 .  2 .  3 | Silver: 1 .  2 .  3

So there we have it, three cheers for #teamGOLD! What do you think? Are you feeling the gold or does a silver wedding tickle your fancy?  If you can’t decide, mixing metallics is a winner too so feel free to throw some copper, rose gold and zinc into the mix for some gorgeous metallic loveliness.

18:50 21 December 2015

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