5 Wedding Dress Trends We Love


Hello Everyone! How are we doing? Enjoying the sunshine when it comes out to play? We’ve got lots of pretty lined up for  you today and it comes in the form of dreamy wedding dresses.  I thoroughly enjoyed putting this post together and hope it gives you some inspiration for either your own wedding dress, a friend who is getting married or just to while a way 5 minutes. I’ve had a hunt round for some of the most popular or emerging wedding dress trends; some a little daring, some not so traditional but all gorgeous in their own way.


Mirlah xox

Wedding Dress Trend 1 | Colourful & Non Traditional

I just love colourful wedding dresses; whilst every dress a bride chooses reveals a bit about their personality, colourful gowns really go that extra step further. They don’t have to be big and bold colours either; barley there, blushing beauties such as, pale blue or nude are proving really popular. The beauty of a colourful wedding dress is that they can most likely be worn again as they could easily pass for an evening gown for other special occasions and I know how many brides would love to wear their wedding dress again! Emerald green, gold, mint, yellow or orange? The world is your oyster, just look at these gorgeous brides.

Wedding Dress Trends We Love | Colourful, Non Traditional Wedding Dresses | Darby & Joan Vintage

Moodboards By: Best Day Ever

Source/Designer:  Ida Sjöstedt  | Vintage Dior

J Crew | Leanne Marshall | Badgeley Mischka

Aurelio Costarella | Candy Anthony 

Wedding Dress Trend 2 | Peter Pan Collars

Ahhhh! I’m in love, I have a bit of a thing for collars and this trend has certainly got my attention. Whether you opt for a dress that already comes complete with a collar or you decide to add a collared necklace as a finishing touch, there is no denying this look is pretty gorgeous. Long and floaty, short and lacy or 50s and fun, these beauties just seem to work with all different styles. I love the idea of having jewelled collar, and adding a bit of sparkle to a gorgeous vintage lace dress.


Wedding Dress Trends We Love | Peter Pan Collar Wedding Dresses | Darby & Joan Vintage

Source/Designer: Unknown Designer Kitty & Dulcie

Xtabay Bridal | Unknown Paris Boutique

Charlotte BalbierSarah Seven

Wedding Dress Trend 3 | Capes & Cover Ups

Another look gaining momentum in the wedding world is capes. Granted this look isn’t going to be for everyone but I really think it’s quite stunning. For brides maybe not wanting to go for a veil this could be a alternative, and just like veils there are capes of all different lengths and styles. I just love the idea of wearing a cape for the ceremony and then whipping it off for the reception –  it’s like two dresses in one. You could go dramatic with a high neck and lace or keep it simple and elegant with a simple beaded sheer number.  LOVE them all!

Wedding Dress Trends We Love | Cape & Cover Up Wedding Dresses | Darby & Joan Vintage

Source/Designer: Manuel Mota |

Heavenly Vintage Brides | Zahavit Tshuba

Jenny Packham | Manuel Mota

Wedding Dress Trend 4 | Detailed, Dramatic & Intricate Backs

Next up we turn our heads to the back of the dress. How about going backless with a plunging V line? A little bit daring but super duper gorgeous. I can see these style dresses really suiting an outdoor destination wedding. For those wanting to cover up a little more, how about a beautiful beaded back with detail that will have everyone in awe? I literally love the bottom left image. You’ve got what is essentially a revealing backless dress but somehow with it’s delicate lace and draping bow, it looks quite reserved.

Wedding Dress Trends We Love | Detailed, Dramatic & Intricate Back Wedding Dresses | Darby & Joan Vintage

Source/ Designer: Unknown Designer | Claire Pettibone

BHLDN | Unknown DesignerPercy Handmade

Fabienne Alagama | Katie May 

Wedding Dress Trend 5 | Separates, Two Piece & Crop Tops

Ok so this last trend is probably the most ‘fashion forward’ style and some might say wedding and crop top shouldn’t be in the same sentence but… I’ve got to admit I’m kinda loving this look. We’re not necessarily talking bearing the whole midriff here but a high waisted skirt with a separate top is most certainly ‘En Vogue’ right now. Boho brides could opt for a floaty over-sized top and skirt with elements of lace, whilst a more modern, cutting edge bride might go for clean sharp lines in crisp white. If a crop top isn’t your thing then you can still rock this look without bearing all. BHLDN have released there jaw-droppingly gorgeous *convertible* Elsa Gown that comprises of a beaded dress and then a separate tulle skirt that’s all kinds of pretty. The idea being you wear the whole ensemble for the ceremony and then transform it for the reception. Personally, I love it!

Wedding Dress Trends We Love | Crop Top, Two Piece & Separate Top & Skirt Wedding Dresses  | Darby & Joan Vintage

Source/Designer: Cortana by Rosa EstevaOscar de la Renta

Nadia Manzato | unknown designer | Delphine Manivet

Elizabeth Stuart BHLDN

So ladies (& gents) cast your vote now, are any of these wedding trends ticking any of your boxes? Let us know what you think!

Featured Images – Timeless Couture, photography by Emma Cleveley 

8:15 15 July 2014

Calling all 2015 brides-to-be

Giant Light up Heart by Typical Type

The reason for the quickie post today was to say that 2015 is proving to be a very busy year for our styled, staffed and catered for weddings – YEY!!!

We have been lucky enough to have a full diary for 2014 and 2015 is shaping up to be another busy year.

We already have 11 large events booked for next year  - which just didn’t happen so quickly for this year, so it seems that you 2015 couples are definitely on it!

So ladies and gents, please bear this in mind if you like what we do and you think you might want to book us for your wedding. Please don’t leave it until just a few months before your big day.

After speaking to a few friends in the wedding industry; photographers, florists, cake makers and stationers – we are all experiencing the same and so many good, talented and passionate suppliers are finding their diaries booking up fast.

Go, go, go!!

Thank you to all you gorgeous couples who have asked us to be a part of their wedding day – we really do work with some wonderful families.


Image credit – Emma Cleveley Photography from our styled shoot at Amalfi White earlier this year – see the rest of the images here


Light up Heart from Typical Type



14:19 8 July 2014

Style your Wedding with Darby & Joan

Styling a Vintage Wedding with Darby & Joan | Vintage Prop Hire, Derbyshire

Hello D&J’ers hope you are well and ready for your next dose of  wedding inspiration. Today’s post is a little different.  We usually write about different themes or colour inspiration which hopefully gives you loads of ideas to incorporate into your big day, but this time we thought we’d focus our inspiration a little closer to home. Right here in Derbyshire in the treasure trove that is Darby & Joan HQ. I don’t know if any of you have ever had the pleasure of stepping inside Karen’s beautiful home and exploring the Aladdin’s Cave of vintage wedding fabulousness but I can assure you it’s something pretty special.

Today I thought I’d focus on specific items that you can hire from Darby & Joan for your upcoming wedding and give you a few ideas too!

In case you missed it, Karen won the Best National Venue Stylist Award for 2014, as awarded by the National Wedding Industry Awards.  So if you needed some help with the planning and styling of your day…

Right, let’s get on with show, queue the pretty…

Lots of Love, Mirlah xox



Table Runners, Linens, Doilies & Napkins

When Karen styles a wedding it all starts with the blank canvas that is, the table. Often a tired old trestle the first thing to do is give it a new lease of life with a table cloth. Crisp white linen is the perfect starting block to build your theme on and is practical too. From there you can start to add a bit of character, a runner is great way to add some colour or texture without it getting the way of your guests. Darby & Joan have got an array of lace edged hessian runner that work so well with rustic style weddings, or, if you wanted to go for something a little more classic then a simple white lace runner would look stunning and adds just a subtle hint of vintage without being too overpowering.

To add some more interest, doilies are great for building layers of colour, pattern and texture and they’re not pretty for the sake of it, they’re practical too and are great for putting underneath vases and jars to mop up any spills. Karen literally has hundreds of those little lace beauties, all a little bit different.



Styling a Vintage Wedding with Darby & Joan | Vintage Prop Hire, Derbyshire | Table Runners, Linens, Doilies & Napkins

Moodboards by: Best Day Ever

Image Credits: Top to Bottom

Lumiere Photography | Christie Graham Photography | Matt Brown Photography

Drinks Dispensers & Jam Jars

Ohh I love these! I think they should be made mandatory at all weddings. Visually they’re fab and you can really go to town creating a beautiful drinks station and they’re just perfect for creating a bit of interaction on your big day. Guests love the fact they can happily serve themselves and come back for a top up. You can fill these guys up with anything from Pimms, Lemonade, flavoured sparkling water, the world’s your oyster! Still going strong is the humble jam jar, now you could decide to buy tons of jam on every shopping trip, but an easier way would be to hire them and team them with their best friend, the stripy straw – of course!



Styling a Vintage Wedding with Darby & Joan | Vintage Prop Hire, Derbyshire | Drinks Dispensers & Jam Jars Perfect for Pimms

  Kate Henderson Photography | Christie Graham Photography | James Melia | Emma Cleveley Photography

Vintage Suitcases, Palettes & Crates

Just look at these beauties! I lose count of how many suitcases Karen has in her studio but they are all drop dead gorgeous and just perfect for a vintage wedding. A really popular way of incorporating a vintage suitcase into a wedding day is to use as a place to collect cards and gifts. Open it up and hang a little sign showing your guests where to pop they’re cards of congratulations and you’re sorted, it’s a really simple way of using up those empty corners of your venue but sis still in keeping with your style. They also look great stacked up, filled with flowers or, for the smaller ones, you could even use them as centrepieces. The crates and palettes are spot on for rustic style weddings and provide a bit of pretty storage space for cutlery, serving food or adding height to your displays.



Styling a Vintage Wedding with Darby & Joan | Vintage Prop Hire, Derbyshire | Vintage Suitcases, Wooden Palettes & Apple Crates

Image Credits: Top to Bottom

Matt Brown Photography | Kathryn Edwards Photography | Emma Cleveley Photography | Matt Brown Photography

Vintage China, Cake Stands, Trays & Crockery

The star of the show and where it all began for Karen at Darby & Joan, vintage china! The ultimate way to pretty up your tables with layer upon layer of mismatched plates, cups and saucers. We’ve often had the conversation that goes “couldn’t we just do it ourselves?” And in truth, of course! In fact it would be lovely to know that by the end of it you have hunted down and collected all the china pretty yourself, but the beauty of hiring is the sheer quality and amount of pieces that D&J has to offer, plus it includes the washing up!

There aren’t any set packages when hiring from Darby & Joan so each ‘package’ is completely tailored to you. Need a few cake stands and teapots – you go it. Some silver trays and teacups – coming right up! If you’re styling a vintage wedding there’s no doubt a few pieces of pretty patterned china will set your theme off right.



Styling a Vintage Wedding with Darby & Joan | Vintage Prop Hire, Derbyshire | Vintage China, Cake Stands, Silver Trays, Cutlery & More

Image Credits: Top to Bottom

Kathryn Edwards Photography | James Melia | Matt Brown Photography | Light & Lace Photography

So there you have it a lovely list of beautiful vintage things you can hire from Darby & Joan, this is by no means a definitive list, oh no ladies and gents! There’s ladders, vintage books, custom chalkboard signs, bunting, easels, typewriters,mismatched vases and more! For more information, prices or to arrange a visit to the fabulous D&J HQ just get in touch!

Just a lil disclaimer, all of these images are 1. stunning and 2. feature props that belong to Darby & Joan.

8:14 26 June 2014

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