Coffee & Walnut Cake …

This cake is a winner because it will keep really well for a week when stored in an airtight tin.  I often find that with a coffee cake or a carrot cake, then are better a couple of days after they are made.  Flavours seem to settle better and the cake firms up – sometimes they can fall apart when cutting if they are eaten just after baking.  So for a tea room or any other kind of catering, this is a good choice.  We offered this cake when we did our first tea rooms at The Roundhouse and it was the first of our cakes to sell out.

The bitter-sweet flavours of this traditional cake make it an all-time favourite and I like to use Camp chicory & coffee essence for the coffee taste, but instant coffee dissolved in a little boiling water works just as well.


You will need

2lb loaf tin

225g • 8oz self-raising flour

225g • 8oz light muscovado sugar

½ tsp sea salt

225ml • 8fl oz groundnut oil

4 medium eggs separated

50ml • 1¾ fl oz cold strong black coffee or Camp coffee

50ml • 1¾ fl oz whole milk

75g • 3oz chopped walnuts


For the coffee cream 

125g • 4½ oz mascarpone

2 tsp cold strong black coffee or camp Coffee

1 tsp golden syrup

1 tsp icing sugar sifted


For the topping

100g • 3½ oz icing sugar sifted

1-2 tbsp cold strong black coffee or Camp Coffee

6-8 walnut halves to decorate

icing sugar for dusting

– Preheat the oven to 190C/170C fan/gas 5 and line your loaf tin

– Sift the flour, sugar and salt into a large bowl. Add the oil, egg yolks, coffee and milk and beat with a wooden spoon until smooth.

– Whisk the egg whites until stiff in a large bowl using an electric whisk and fold into the mixture in two goes.

– Stir in the walnuts and transfer the mixture to the cake tin, smoothing the surface. Give the tin several sharp taps on the work surface to bring up any large air bubbles.

– Bake for 50-55 minutes until a skewer inserted in the centre comes out clean.

– Leave the cake to cool in the tin for a few minutes, then run a knife around the edge and turn out on to a wire rack. Place it the right way up and leave to cool. If not icing it straight away, wrap it in clingfilm.

– To make the coffee cream, spoon the mascarpone into a bowl and beat in the coffee, then the syrup and icing sugar.

– Slit the cake horizontally, about two thirds of the way up the sides to account for the risen dome. Spread the cream over the lower half and sandwich with the top.

– To make the icing, blend the icing sugar and coffee together in a bowl and drizzle down the centre of the cake, smoothing it towards the sides using a palette knife.

– Don’t worry about completely covering the surface or about it trickling down the sides.

– Decorate the top with the walnut halves and dust over a little icing sugar.

– Leave to set for 1 hour.




Image credit – Daily Mail On-line 

9:56 13 November 2013

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