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Doily DIY - Doily Love Image by Mirlah Thornley | Wedding Inspiration

Hello, I hope this post finds you well! I’ve been trying something a little different this week. I’ve been rolling up my sleeves and getting stuck in with a bit of DIY. Don’t worry though, it’s not the drilling, hard labour kind. More of the therapeutic, do it whilst watching Grand Designs and scoffing chocolate kind! If you’re thinking of adding a few personal touches to your wedding day or party, then these quick DIY ideas will be perfect, and if you’re a fan of doilies… well, keep on reading.

Mirlah x

Doily Bunting

Bunting! Who doesn’t love a lil’ bit of bunting. If you’re not handy with a sewing machine or not keen on spending lots on fabric, then the humble doily is your best friend. So, what do you need? Doilies, lots of them. String, twine or jute. Something sticky. Tape (double sided is a good idea), glue, even a stapler will do the trick. And that’s it. Of course, depending on how long you want your bunting to be numbers will vary.

1. Grab the bits and bobs needed for this super easy-peasy DIY.

2. Fold your doilies in half.

3. Lay out your string and slot your doilies on either side of the string.

4. Glue down with a little piece of double sided sticky.

Sorted. Cute isn’t it?

Doily DIY - Doily Bunting Image by Mirlah Thornley | Wedding Inspiration

Doily DIY - Doily Bunting Image by Mirlah Thornley | Wedding Inspiration

Doily Place Settings

Next up we’re making place settings, and it’s even easier than the last DIY.

Simply take your doily and write your guests name on it in a nice swirly way. You could even stamp them with a set of alphabet ink stamps. I’ve used bright pink doilies here which would really jazz up the table but you can use plain or other colours. Go wild!

Doily DIY - Doily Placesetting Image by Mirlah Thornley | Wedding Inspiration

Doily Menus

Similar to the DIY above, you could use doilies to make individual menus for your place settings. All you need to do is design your menu on a computer, print out on your desired card and cut out. (I have handwritten the ones below, but if you’ve got 80 people coming to your wedding, this might not be a great idea.) Stick your menu onto a larger sized doily, and you’re done. A pretty vintage style menu that looks great and will leave your guests excited about the yummy wedding breakfast.

Doily DIY - Doily menu Image by Mirlah Thornley | Wedding Inspiration

Doily Favour Bags

These days people give all sorts of favours on their wedding day, there really aren’t any boundaries. If you want to go for something more traditional, I’m thinking sugared almonds, then how about this little DIY.

All you need is, Glassine bags or paper bags, small sized doilies, twine or jute, double sided sticky tape, scissors & sugared almonds. In fact, you could fill these beauties with anything you like, sweets, macaroons, chocs?

1. Grab your bits!

2. Fill your bag and fold down to your desired size.

3. Fold your doily in half and place around your bag.

4. Secure the bag and doily on both sides with a little sticky tape. Trim the edges of the doily if necessary. Then thread your twine through the gap between the doily and the bag.

5. Tie a bow with the twine, and hey presto! A cute little favour bag full of goodies your guests will love!

You could even double your favour bags as place settings by writing the guests name on the doily!

Doily DIY - Doily Favour Bags Image by Mirlah Thornley | Wedding Inspiration

Doily DIY - Doily Favour Bags Image by Mirlah Thornley | Wedding Inspiration

Doily DIY - Doily Favour Bags Image by Mirlah Thornley | Wedding Inspiration

Image Credits: Mirlah Thornley

So there you have it! A few quick ideas for bring a touch of doily DIY to your wedding day or event, they don’t cost the earth either. Do get in touch if you’ll be trying any of these out! We’d love to see!

10:51 7 August 2013

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