What on earth is a pyclet…?

I have to say that I had no idea until a pretty special new business opened in Derby recently…they are a griddle cake that looks a little like a flat crumpet and I have to tell you, one is never enough!

They are indigenous to Derbyshire and were a popular snack at Derby marketplace until the 1970’s.  After 40 years of absence they are back on the local menu – thanks to friends Mark and Martin who have resurrected and re-invented them from an old bakery where pyclets originated from, in Derby’s city center, their company is called…Derby Pyclet.

Happy days for the boys becuase the love of the pyclet has been such that they have just opened a stall in the Derby Victorian Guildhall, and at the risk of blowing their trumpet a little too much, it is pretty fabulous! 

I am often banging on about supporting local companies, but this is something else, it doesn’t get any more
local than these guys.  They source their fruit and veggies from Ted on the market and their milk comes from
The Duffield Dairy
Its hoped that their arrival (and believe me, if you have met Mark and Martin, you know that it will have
been a full on fanfare) will inject some renewed interest in the Guildhall and it may encourage other
companies to join them – it really is a beautiful building and is worlds away from the Westfield –
which can only be a good thing!
Pearch on their super comfy stools, try the special homemade breakfast, their granola with soft fruit poached each day with beautiful organic yoghurt, or their home made
soup which changes daily depending what’s good in the market.
All the old favourites like their hot pyclets with smoked salmon and horseradish cream are still in the menu,
as are their packs of pyclets, but now six days a week from eight thirty till five.
Best of all, they are sticking to their recession busting prices.
Like bad wedding D.J.’s, they  are currently taking requests so if you have anything that you think should be
added to their menu, let them know!

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23:49 18 March 2012

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