5 Must Have Props for a Most Vintage Affair

5 Must Have Props for a Vintage weeding or Event

Hello Lovelies! I hope you are well and looking forward to the weekend. We’re back with some more ‘Vinspiration’ for you, and this week we’re taking a closer look at Vintage Styling, in particular the props. I’m a total fan of the little details and using a variety of props and decor really do help set the tone for your vintage affair!

So without further ado, here are 5 must have props for a Vintage Style Wedding, Party, Afternoon Tea and just about any event you want something a little special for.  All the images are from events we have styled.  If you see anything that catches your eye and you would like to hire, get in touch.

Mirlah x


1) Vintage China

Definitely top of the list! When it comes to Afternoon Tea vintage mismatched china is the must have accessory to any tabletop. I don’t know about you but drinking tea out of a china teacup just somehow tastes better than an ordinary mug. Maybe it’s because of their dainty nature and the fact that you can really take your time perfecting your brew. Starting by pouring from a wonderfully patterned teapot, stirring with an ornate teaspoon and adding a drop of milk and sugar from the pretty little pots and jugs.

The charm of vintage china lies in the fact that it doesn’t have to match. Once part of a matching set somewhere along the way different pieces get collected or misplaced and you end with a collection so eclectic that when mixed together just, well, works!  It’s like each piece has it’s own little story which adds to the magic of an Afternoon Tea Style Event. What’s better if you fancy adding a bit of vintage to your Hen Party, who says those teapots have to hold tea? Mix up some delicious cocktails and feel oh so classy whilst supping in a mismatched teacup. Cheers! (Hic!)

5 Must Have Props for a Vintage Wedding - Vintage China

Darby & Joan have a variety of Vintage pieces to hire. Whether you want to just opt for teacups and saucers or add a few cake stands and vintage platters, we can help tailor your needs from our extensive and, if we do say so ourselves very pretty range. All our prices include washing up, so you don’t have to! Just take peek here to view our vintage china hire list and prices.

2) Vintage Typewriter

It’s always a good idea to have your guests write you a little message at your wedding or party to look back on, but if you’re fancying something a little bit different and want a real talking point then a Vintage Typewriter may be the way to go. Many of your guests may never have used a typewriter and so it adds a bit of fun and with no undo button you might be in for some unusual messages. We have both working and non working typewriters available to hire. Just take a look here for more information.

5 must have props for a vintage wedding/event - Typewriter Guestbook

3) Vintage Suitcases

What can’t you use a Vintage Suitcase for? Stack them up and just use as props or tables, open them up and store goody bags or favours or simply use as a place to collect your cards and gifts. With so many uses you might not want just one and we have many suitcases and vanity cases available to hire.

5 must have props for a vintage wedding/event - Vintage Suitcase HIre Derbyshire

4) Vintage Bunting

I don’t think there’ll ever be a day where we tire from bunting. There’s just something so fun about it. When you rock up to a wedding or event and you spy some bunting, it instantly puts you in a good mood and you just know you’re in for a good time! Drape it from the ceiling, hang it over furniture, hook it to the tables. Go crazy! We totally approve, more is more! Although relatively easy to make, you do usually need reems and reems of it, so if you don’t fancy DIY’ing, you can hire Vintage Cotton Bunting from Darby & Joan from just 50p a metre.

5 must have props for a vintage wedding/event - vintage bunting hire Derbyshire

5) Vintage Tablecloths & Linens

Now we’re not one to shy away from a wonderfully rustic bare wooden trestle but we do love a well dressed table. We’ve got cupboards full of beautiful patterned, lace and plain linens to dress your tables and we’ve got plenty of vintage doilies too! Teamed with Vintage China and a vase full of your favourite blooms your table setting will ooze sophistication and most definitely look the part! Take a look at our Props and Hire list for more information and prices.

5 Must Have props for your Vintage Wedding or Event - Vintage Tablecloth Hire derbyshire


So that completes the list, what do you think? Would you add anything else or perhaps you tried a Vintage Typewriter Guestbook? Let us know! For information on pricing or prop hire just get in touch we do love a good vintage affair!

For more photos of events we’ve styled just hop on over to our Facebook Page, and do come and say “Hello!”


12:14 28 August 2013

Country Vintage Wedding Styling at Bawdon Lodge Farm


Hello! I think you’re going to need to stick the kettle on for this post today. We’ve got some gorgeous images from not one but TWO vintage styled wedding shoots that we worked on to share with you. If I said the words, rustic, country, vintage, hay bales, afternoon tea, roses and hydrangeas. Would your heart be set a flutter? Well, there is all that and more in the shoots today.

The props, china, linens, furniture and styling are all from us at Darby & Joan – get in touch if you are looking to create something similar for your day.

So grab that cuppa (maybe a cheeky biscuit) and indulge yourself in a little vintage country wedding inspiration.

Mirlah x

The shoots, organised by Val at Benessamy Weddings and Events was put together ahead of a brand new Wedding Venue opening in the wonderful East Midlands. Bawdon Lodge Farm is a family owned country farm in Nanpantan, Leicestershire, and is due to launch as a country wedding venue later this year and is available for weddings in 2014. The owners, Richard & Lynn Bailey were passionate about working with local suppliers to showcase the venue’s versatility and Darby and Joan had the pleasure of styling the shoots alongside a fabulous team of talented suppliers. Creativity was in full flow and a lot of fun was had by all down on the farm. A big thank you to Val at Benessamy for superb co-ordinating, Alix at Lumiere Photography for capturing the beautiful images and to Bawdon Lodge; we wish you all the success in the world, we just know your stunning venue will be a success.

A Vintage Country Wedding

The inspiration behind the first shoot was Vintage Country Wedding. Featuring a hay bale ‘theatre’ (pretty darn fabulous) and beautiful blooms this shoot oozes country sophistication. You’ll also spot a selection of our props and vintage china throughout the styling, all of which can of course be hired from us. Enjoy.





















The Dream Team

Photography: Lumiere Photography

Planning and Co-ordination: Benessamy Weddings & Events

Venue: Bawdon Lodge Farm

Styling: Darby & Joan Vintage and Fabric Theatre

Flowers: Tineke Floral Designs

Stationery: Paperknots

Dresses and Accessories: Giling & White Bridal

Menswear: Christopher Scotney

Hair Stylist: Alison Jenner

Make-up Artist: Cristina Lazzarotto

Cake: Dominic at David North

Props: Delightful LivingLove Umbrellas and Dominic at David North

Furniture: Shires Event Hire

Models: Jack Stovin, Nicola Marie Stokes and Catherine Bosworth


A Rustic, Afternoon Tea Styled Wedding

Next up, we have a slightly different feel for the second shoot. Inspired by Vintage Afternoon Tea this look is a little more rustic, with simple burlap table runners, mismatched china, and soft hues of blue and pinks. Capturing all of the charm of an English Afternoon Tea, this shoot is relaxed, subtle and oh so pretty.































The Dream Team

Photography: Lumiere Photography

Planning and Co-ordination: Benessamy Weddings & Events

Venue: Bawdon Lodge Farm

Styling: Darby & Joan Vintage and Fabric Theatre

Flowers: Tineke Floral Designs

Stationery: Paperknots

Dresses and Accessories: Giling & White Bridal

Menswear: Christopher Scotney

Hair Stylist: Alison Jenner

Make-up Artist: Cristina Lazzarotto

Cake: Dominic at David North

Wooden Signage and Table Numbers: Delightful Living

Furniture: The Country Home

Models: Jack Stovin and Charlotte Wood

So there we have it, what do you think? We’d love to hear from you. We’re delighted with the images and had a ball making it all come together. Thanks again to everyone involved, great work. High Five!

17:27 24 June 2013

Soy Wax Candles – Make Your Own


We have been making these lovely things for four years now and still love it.   We had a day of making them with Becky from Butterworth Photography and Chloe Adlington from Adore recently and here are the results…

We use recycled containers, natural ingredients, and it’s also very budget-friendly if you make your own. Sounds like an all around winner, yes?

We use all kinds of containers – glasses, jam jars, sugar bowls, trifle bowls, teacups, shot glasses, kilner jars…the list is endless.  If it can hold wax, we’ll use it!


emma photo shoot at the gas house 051


We use the best quality soy wax flakes which are eco friendly, last longer than traditional paraffin wax and the product is so soft that it is very easy to wash out with soap and warm water – something that isn’t possible with paraffin.

We have found a super duper supplier of high quality oils which offer a beautiful range of fragrances to choose from.  We tend to stick with light, floral and feminine fragrances that can be burnt together without one over powering the other.  This type of fragrance works perfectly with the vintage containers that we use.

What you need

  • Soy wax flakes.
  • Cotton wicks with a metal disc on the bottom.
  • Wax dye chips if you want to colour your candle.
  • Essential oils.  Please ensure you buy candle wax oils, not soap or home fragrancing.
  • A large pan.
  • A large metal bowl.
  • A thermometer (I use a food one).
  • Lots of newspaper to minimise the mess (if possible!).
  • Scales.
  • Tablespoon.
  • Wooden spoon.
  • Kettle.


Cover every available surface with newspaper.  Melted wax gets everywhere.  Wear an apron for the same reason!

Weigh your wax.  From hours spent experimenting I now use one pound of wax to four tablespoons of oil.  For me this is the perfect ratio, but you might find a different one works better for you.  Just be warned that if you put too much oil in there, you will have greasy

“wet” spots on the top of your candle and it may ignite.

Pour boiling water in your pan, sit the metal bowl on top and pour in your wax flakes.  Simply melt wax in this double doiler method.

Heat the oil to 180 degrees.

Take the bowl off the heat and add your dye chips if using.  They are usually very highly pigmented so you only need a very small amount.  Stir, stir, stir.

When the temperature of the wax has dropped a little, pour in your oil.  Stir, stir, stir.

This is really important as you want the dye and the fragrance to be even throughout the life of the candle.

When it has cooled to around 150 degrees you can pour into your containers.

Pop in your wick and balance it in the middle of the container.  I use small chopsticks, pegs, teaspoons – whatever fits!

It will take a few hours for the wax to fully set.

Trim the wick to 1/4 inch and that’s it!

Lifestyle Commerical shoot







I think it is worth me mentioning a few pitfalls – because we have been making them for a while now, you can have the benefit of our hours and hours of experimenting!

  • newspaper everywhere.
  • don’t get any water near the wax.
  • watch the temperature of the oil as if it heats too high it could ignite.
  • don’t be tempted to add loads more oil to make a stronger scented candle.  The ratio of wax to oil is important.  Too much and you will have “wet” spots on the top and it might be dangerous.
  • stir, stir, stir.
  • if you find that the candle sets and there are little air holes on the top, or it is uneven then don’t worry,
  • just blast it with a hairdryer to melt the top and it will set fine.  (the best tip ever for candlemaking!!).
  • always trim the wick to 1/4 inch, this applies when you are burning it too.

Hope you find this helpful – it would be nice to hear from some of you who have given it a go.




Thanks to Butterworth Photography for our photographs and Chloe Adlington for organising us!

Featured image – Boho Weddings

19:53 24 March 2013

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