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Tips on how to make your own vintage china cake stand, vintage plates, metal cake rod and a drill!

I was recently asked to speak on local radio (which terrified me, but I got through it!) about the renewed interest in home baking and how John Lewis last year saw a whopping 480% increase in sales of cake stands.

Darby & Joan hire cake stands as part of our event hire business and we also make bespoke stands to sell.  A tiered cake stand piled high with sweet treats can make any table look elegant & can lift even the most humble shop-bought pastry into something worthy of a Parisian patisserie.

I have to say that the majority of stands currently for sale on the high street could be so much nicer, most seem to be made from cheap materials and by using uninspiring or ubiquitous patterns.  So, either buy a genuine vintage stand, buy one of ours or from a similar company to us, or have a go at making one yourself.  It is really simple, a few easy steps & you can have your own tiered cake stand, unique and designed by you. 

Stuff you will need:

– plates, I generally use a tea plate, followed by a starter plate & finishing with a sandwich plate or saucer on the top.

– a three-tier cake-stand fitting, I buy mine from eBay. You can find chrome fittings which are quite contemporary, gold filigree ones for a more traditional stand and I have recently found a supplier who has coloured ones which are lovely.

– a tape measure.

– a cordless drill with a 6mm diamond head drill-bit.

– a pencil

First wash and dry your plates and then measure the diameter using the pencil to mark the middle. 

I always drill my plates on top of an old wooden chopping board covered with a tea towel.  Its really important that the plate doesn’t slip.  A good tip is to pour a little bit of water onto your plate to keep it and the drill bit cool.  If they get too hot…disaster!

Slowly drill through the middle of the plate.  Take care when choosing your plates, any hairline cracks or chips can weaken the china and will result in…disaster!

Setp by step guide on how to make your own china cake stand, using vintage china plates.

When they all have holes in them, you can assemble the stand, starting with the bottom plate.  Put a washer onto the screw (I use flat bottomed ones as the other kind can poke out too much and you will have a little wobble on your stand), and pop the screw through the bottom of the plate.  Put a squashy washer on the top of this plate and screw on the cake stand fitting.  Simply repeat this until all three of the cake stand rods have been attached.

Thats it!

I make two tier stands, three tier stands, four tier stands and love putting a teacup on the top of some of them for an Alice in Wonderland syle finishing touch.  Perfect for sweets or little chocolates.  (although I have to say that someone once asked if it were an ashtray…words fail me!)

There, thats my Blue Peter moment then…

21:57 26 January 2012

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